Detergents and personal care products are often very unhealthy. Some products can even be downright harmful and dangerous to humans and the environment. Aggressive chemical cleaners, even the so-called “environmentally friendly” ones, disrupt the stability of the delicate natural microflora, thus creating an unhealthy environment. They create a breeding ground for the growth of resistant harmful bacteria and increase the risk of infections and allergies. Too often, personal care products too often contain chemical ingredients such as aluminum, zirconium, aluminum hydroxide-chloride (such as in deodorants) and parabens (in body lotions and creams). They can cause discomfort and irritation to many people, and can even cause cancer.

Do you have enough of everything chemical and toxic and want to live healthily from now on?


CHRISAL products are based on 100% natural active ingredients and are enriched with active probiotics. The products have a very positive effect on humans and animals. PROBISANA products are anti-allergic and drastically reduce the risk of allergies and infections. CHRISAL products are also beneficial for the environment.


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Behnasan s.r.o is the exclusive seller of probiotic products from the Belgian company (CHRISAL) in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. is online shopping that manage by Behnasan s.r.o.


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