Probinano, the first probiotic nebulizer for the face.

Probinano is a revolutionary ultrasound nebulizer designed specifically for nebulizing (a device for producing a fine spray of liquid )the probiotic fluid on the face.

Probinano contain:

The fluid contains at least 50 million good bacteria per one ml.

Which have a highly beneficial effect on the skin and greatly reduce the risk of skin problems such as:

allergies, acne, eczema, etc. The daily use of Probinano leads to a healthy skin flora.

An unhealthy skin or unbalanced moisture balance can cause problems such as:

  • Sweat odor due to increased number  of bacteria that produce sweat odor
  • Acne due to increased number of bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, which produce irritating substances in the skin pores that cause the pustules
  • Bacterial infections of healthy and damaged skin (wounds) due to increased number of bacteria such as Staphylococcus and Streptococcus
  • Fungal infections due to the high humidity that promotes their growth
  • Increased symptoms of suffering such as rash and itching, as well as wound infections as a result of psoriasis (psoriasis), allergies, eczema

With daily use (morning and evening) Probinano ensures a healthy skin flora!


Reduces allergens

When Probinano’s 100% natural probiotics enter the nasal cavity, they provide a healthy and stable microflora that reduces the risk of infection and actively degrades allergens.

Cleans the pores

The particle size of less than a micrometer ensures a dry mist, the probiotics spread optimally and can penetrate into the deepest pores. The daily use of Probinano probiotics ensures a healthy microflora and a good moisture balance.

For all skin types

Although the skin and its appearance are variable between different populations, all skin types need good care and healthy microflora. The probiotics in the probinano fluid were selected for their ability to adapt to highly variable circumstances (dry versus oily skin; acidity). Each skin type will therefore benefit from the use of Probinano and build up a healthy skin flora.

100% safe for everyone

The probiotics in Probinano are 100% safe for everyone, including pregnant women and children. Pregnant women and adolescents in particular benefit from the Probinano nebulizer because they suffer from skin problems such as acne due to their fluctuating hormone balance. For this target group, it is therefore important to keep the skin flora in optimal condition.

Ideal for frequent flyers

The air conditioning systems in aircraft and airport buildings dry out the nasal and oral mucous membranes. With Probinano you protect the mucous membranes from drying out and at the same time create a positive microflora in the oral and nasal cavities. This also protects against pathogenic germs!

The fog generated by the device is enriched with 100% natural probiotics and completely safe. The probiotic fluid was tested by university skin doctors. When inhaled, the produced fog considerably reduces the risk of nasal cavity infections, sinuses and respiratory tracts.