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Probiotic Car Air Conditioner Cleaner

1-A unique biological product. 2-Effects against unwanted odors. 3-Reduces allergens. 4-100% natural composition. 5-Contains no hazardous biocides. 6-Deep cleaning of air conditioning. 7-Effective and long-lasting effect. 8-Suitable for all types of air conditioners and interiors. 9-100% safe for humans and animals !. 10-Reducing the risk of bacterial, pathogenic germs and viruses. 11-100% safe for humans and animals! How to use Probiotics air conditioning cleaner in cars: 1-Shake the can. 2-Activate the interior ventilation. 3-Set the air conditioning system to full power. 4-Place a can (preferably in front of the front passenger seat) 5-Activate the spray. 6-Close windows and doors (leave vehicle). 7-Wait 3 minutes for the can to empty. 8-Approx. It is repeated every 6 months. Doprava zadarmoPRO.ECO.NICE