PIP Probiotic Interior Cleaner

PIP Probiotic Interior Cleaner is probiotic all-purpose cleaner. Direction for use:

Usage :

  • Atomizer Dilution 4%=10ml of product per 250ml of water, first fill water and then product, spray sparingly, wipe dry within absorbent cloth.
  • Bucket/cloth: Dilution 0.5%=5 ml of product per litre of water, then clean in the usual way.
  • Premoistend Dilution 0.5%=5 ml of product per liter of water, this amount is suitable for 15 wipes.
  • Treat a heavy solid surface with a recognized biocidal product first
  • In a cool place, avoid sunlight.

How do probiotic products work?

  • Instead of Chemicals, Chrisal products use safe and beneficial stabilized probiotics, like millions of tiny workers, that physically actually works down to the microscopic level, removing dirt, allergens and other contaminants.
  • Chrisal’s probiotics are as safe for your skin and for surfaces as yogurt is for the inside of your body.
  • Chrisal’s anti-allergy and cleaning products are incredibly efficient and work by physically removing the source of problems, instead of covering them up
  • Cleaning products and personal hygiene products are often very unhealthy. Some products can even be downright harmful and dangerous to people and the environment. Aggressive chemical cleaning products, even the so-called eco-friendly ones, destabilize the delicate microflora of nature, and as such create an unhealthy living environment.
  • They foster the growth of resistant harmful bacteria and increase the risk of infections and allergies. Products for personal care all too often contain chemical ingredients like aluminum, zirconium, aluminum chloralhydrate (such as in deodorants) and parabens (in body lotions and creams). For many people, this can cause discomforts and irritations, and could even cause cancer.
  • Have you had enough of everything chemical and toxic, and do you want to live healthier from now on? Then make a drastic change for yourself today and choose the unique, probiotic cleaning and care products of Chrisal’s products! Chrisal’s products are a revolutionary, biological development with many scientifically proven advantages.

About Chrisal Probiotic Products :

  • These products are made based on 100 % naturally active ingredients and are enriched with active probiotics. The products work very beneficially on people and animals. Chrisal’s products are anti-allergenic and drastically lower the risk of allergies and infections.
  • Chrisal’s products are also environmentally beneficial.
  • Probiotic’s products: A complete range for total, beneficial, probiotic hygiene for your home and your entire family.
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